Contingency Search

Primarily used for searches which are important but may be less urgent. The contingency search includes searching our database, internet, social media, LinkedIn and using Top Echelon Network. This search also offers in-depth prescreening of all candidates prior to introducing to the employer.

Priority Search

For strategically important searches at multiple levels which have a high degree of urgency, yet do not require a full retained search. The Priority Search affords our team to dedicate specific amounts of time to recruit exclusively for the employer’s project by prioritizing the search above any contingency searches. It provides the employer with the highest degree of service.

Retained Search

Typically used in Senior Level executive positions which are extremely urgent. For these situations, our team will be exclusively dedicated to a particular employer’s project with the highest level of service available.

Contractor Search

This search is used to fulfill a temporary need for an employer to complete an important project, handle a leave of absence or to “try” a candidate out before hiring them. All levels of Contract (Temp) employees are offered from a CFO to an Administrative Assistant. These employees are typically classified as Temps, Temp to Hire, and Contractors. Hiring a Contractor (Temp), can help the employer Achieve Flexibility, Reduce Costs and Reduce Liability.