Product Engineer - (02601000)

Min Salary: $50000.00
Listed Date: 5/31/2018
Degree: Associate ME, Bachelor ME
Mechanical Engineer with 5 years' of advanced studies in leading edge engineering principles, tooling, and practices. Along with over 10 years' of work experience in research, new product development, prototype builds, reverse engineering, manufacturing operations, 

Design and manufacture advanced aerospace components for military and commercial craft. Make recommendations concerning required methods, processes, tools, jigs, fixtures, etc., which are required to fabricate, assemble and test a product.Led military hovercraft drone project

Manage 21 different GE and Pratt & Whitney turbine engine Blades and Vanes.Implemented LabVIEW software at all the injection presses to monitor and control over 20 outputs. Result: Decreased Injection department scrap by over 30%. Redesigned Inspection gage fixtures to allow for more accurate and precise measurements.

Industrial ovens. Re-engineered Inpinger Oven, so that components on Circuit Board would not fail do to overheating.Designed rate, combustion and energy efficiency data analysis spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel.