Calf Manager - (02585397)

Min Salary: $45000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 3/31/2018
Degree: Master of Science AniS, Bachelor of Science AniS
Master of Science in Animal Science, Expected May 2018

Calf Manager    May 2016- Present
   • Cared for sick cows and calves
   • Managed fresh cows and calves
   • Cared for calves in group pens on automatic feeders

Graduate Research Assistant    August 2013- December 2015
      • Conducted research study on the effects of enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast supplementation and supplementation frequency on peripaturient beef cows and calves
      • Assisted with research on small intestinal starch digestion and oilseed urea recycling studies in ruminal, duodenal, and ileal cannulated steers

 Assisted with the writing and implementation of farm and software protocols
      • Controlled the dry cow daily feeding and ration concerns and changes
      • Managed daily care and responsibilities of farm in owner’s absence
      • Aided in management intensive grazing of the dairy herd

    Animal Proficiencies: Management Intensive Grazing Systems, Intravenous Catheterization, Injections, Blood Draws, Milking- beef & dairy cows, Safe Handling of Cattle