Controller - (02559506)

Min Salary: $104000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 2/2/2018
Degree: Master of Science BA, Bachelor of Science Acct
I am immediately available and Restaurant Industry, Accounting or Operations are my strengths. I also know much about Point of Sale Systems, and general accounting Significant Working Accomplishments Accomplishment Worksheet
Career Progression Accounting Accomplishments ? Arthur Young & Co, (Now Ernst & Young, a Big 4 Accounting Firm) (1983 – 1985) ? Worked in industries of retail convenience stores, heavy equipment, industrial tools, agricultural products (tobacco), state governments, life and p&c insurance. ? Much work with public companies, involving Financial Statement Reminder Checklists, and work on MD&A, and notes to financial statements. SEC Compliance. ? Passed CPA Exam. Kept active from 1985 through 1995. Reinstated 2015. Still active • CMI of Virginia, Inc, d/b/a 35 KFCs in VA, WV, MD, & OH (1987 – 1992) o As Comptroller ? Used auditor experience from Arthur Young to do complete walkthrough and documentation of internal control for CMI of Va, Inc. Then completed data flow diagrams. ? For 35 KFCs in multi-state region, involved with organization and operation of warehousing and distribution, involving 2 tractor trailer rigs, accompanying drivers on deliveries, doing inventory, reviewing economic order quantities, and participating in negotiations for purchases from goods from manufacturers. ? Did cost of market baskets of goods between Sysco, IDI, and other distributers, made sure they were passing along program pricing appropriately. ? Managed Rebates. ? Updated databases and operating systems in Point of Sale Systems for 35 KFCs in 4 states, with combined sales of over $33 million (in the 1980’s) ? Did bit level coding into database as necessary for polling implementation. ? Trained all management teams on changes in Point of Sale system procedures ? Was Beta site for polling from location to central and wrote script to have polled data translatable to back office UNIX system. Worked with ReMACS on this. ? KFCs had highest per restaurant average sales volumes in the KFC system in the USA in the 1980s. ? Did annual budgeting with all managers in the field, every year. Updated budget models. ? Grew up under tutelage of the founder of the KFC Purchasing Cooperative. ? Involved with handling of over $19 Million in Citicorp collateralized debt, compliance, covenant monitoring and planning of cash flow and debt servicing. • CMC Ltd -- Cornett Hospitality, LLC, d/b/a 15-20 Hooters, Topeka’s, Max & Erma’s in PA, VA, & WV (1992 – 2013) o As Co-President, CFO, North Regional Manager, and ending Controller Accounting –centric accomplishments ? After departure of Controller, and later Assistant Controller, served as Controller for final 18 months of company to continue to produce regularly occurring financial statements, make necessary journal entries, and continue to manage cash. This entailed regular work with the Great Plains Dynamics general ledger, reports using FRx report writer, doing consolidations, and reconciling accounts, generating valuation studies and making accounting decisions regarding account write offs. Also involved dealing with vendors and account aging, as well as account dispute resolution and payment plan structuring. ? Key person in development, design, planning, bidding, and construction for over 20 restaurant projects across two decades, involving bidding for security systems, including scope, installation and training for management employees on those security systems ? Key person for aforementioned development for inspection of construction sites, and any needed plan revisions to keep projects on time and under budget as much as possible, and built to the highest possible standards. ? Made sure external accounting firm had all necessary reports, and schedules necessary for annual tax returns, and accounting compilation for tax purposes. ? Key person in debt sourcing, due diligence, funding, attachment, and servicing. Monitoring of instruments, payments, and coverage ratios. Maintained relationships with developed sources of financing, main line banks, as well as factoring groups. ? Assisted in capital sourcing with capital calls, formation of Limited Liability Partnerships, other kinds of ownership entities, for positioning of various senior, and junior, collateralized or non- collateralized debt. ? Additional responsibility for raising capital from various sources, which resulted in forming independent LLCs, Limited Partnerships, and S Corporations, as well as factoring some credit card receivables. • Signatory for Sarbanes Oxley Compliance, and also for PCI Compliancy. I made sure data integrity was maintained and security was in place, as well as appropriate internal control. ? Complete all reports required by bankruptcy court after company filed for Chapter 11 Reorganization. ? Was on Hooters Food Group, which handled all matters of purchasing, manufacture specification and negotiation on product sourcing, and then on distribution strategies. ? Maintained all property records, regarding leases, tax payments, CAMs, landlord or tenant relations ? Maintained Fixed Asset Records for all properties, Equipment, Leasehold Improvements, as well as Owned Properties. ? Used sophisticated Excel spreadsheet to keep up on renewal deadlines, CAM payment terms, property tax details, and contact information, to avoid missing any due dates or renewal dates. ? Regularly did distributor cost comparisons between Sysco, PYA Monarch, Rhinehart Foods, and US Foodservice. ? Made sure year-end financial statements were published and all correct year-end journal entries were made and necessary reversing entries were made to start the new year, Using MS Great Plains Dynamics and FRx report writer. ? Handled disposition of liquor licenses of closure of company and all necessary submissions of sales tax reports, unemployment reports, and corporate reports to the state of PA in order to have liquor license transfers approved. ? Conducted inventory audits ? Designed Inventory Counting forms ? Designed labor scheduling and matrix formats now used by “When to Waiter” and “When to Manage” software. ? Upgraded point of sale systems three times over 20 years ? Upgraded NCR 2160 databases to enable polling ? From NCR 2160 to Comus systems running on MS DOS ? From Comus Systems to SIVA Systems running on Windows ? From SIVA System to NETPOS running on Windows and Web based. ? Upgraded and Migrated accounting system two times over twenty years ? Migrated IBM System 34 System to UNIX based system running Conetics database software. ? Migrated UNIX based Conetics system to Windows based MS Great Plains / Dynamics system using FRx report writer to format financial statements. ? Designed format for Income Statements for company to use which helped managers fine tune operations and earn more bonus dollars. ? Handled paperwork and did financial models for Poker Machine revenue from Hooters having poker machines in West Virginia and also in Nevada in a related company. ? Was PCI Compliancy Officer to ensure all locations were PCI Compliant with respect to credit card usage ? Made sure all locations had secure Wireless Fidelity systems. ? Negotiated all leases ? Completed Quickbooks Essentials training in 2014. Went through it completely, again, in June 2015. GAMING Tyler NV with Brother Phil Cornett, d/b/a Hooters Spring Valley, NV (Video Poker) ? Consulted with brother on contemplation and understanding of taking Nevada styled gaming to introduce into our Hooters in Beckley WV. ? Made to understand that Video Poker and a Tavern License operates as a “business within a business” where the goal is to increase the Drop for the location, with use of great food, service, promotions, effective comps. Having effective deals with Route Operators, such that the net WIN for the unit is between 20% and 22%. ? Understood role of route operators and key Gaming Bartenders. ? The addition to the bottom line from Video Poker at Spring Valley, NV, was $467,000 in 2011 on a Drop of $2,448,000. ? Consulted on converting our existing daily “Flash” to accommodate daily gaming reporting. Delaware North Corporation, Travel & Hospitality Services. Austin, TX (2014 – 2015) ? Regional Controller ? Responsible for financial statement production 52 weeks out of the year, doing weekly closings, accruals and submission of financial information for sending to corporate HQ in Buffalo, NY. At present responsible for Austin and Dallas operations reporting. Hired to also take on Oklahoma City reporting also. Presently has approval authority over all purchasing vouchers at the local level, and works with staff of accounts payable, payroll, and accounting manager. Maintains relations with concession restaurant employees, and commissary staff, as well as cash room staff. Ensures proper compliance to proper procedures for cash work, purchasing, commissary procedures, and inventory management. Requires proficiency with Excel, as well as credentials on Oracle PeopleSoft, and Hyperion. Also very familiar with Halo restaurant point of sale, Accubar, and also Retail Pro point of sale systems. ? In charge of cash room also, and Senior Cash Clerk was well as associate clerks to make sure all cash and daily deposits were made with proper protocol and security. Gulshan Enterprises ? Controller ? Responsible for overseeing three staff accountants, handling 100 Wendy’s and over 150 Popeye’s restaurants operating across multi-state region. ? Also responsible for ultimate preparation and review of debt covenant compliance models and on time production of financial statements on alternative fiscal closing periods, differing by company. ? Key contributor and preparer of Debt Site Adjustment model which allowed company to remove certain deals from consideration in calculation of its overall debt coverage ratios. ? Instituted changes in protocol within accounts payable and payroll processing to allow company to adhere more reliably on production schedule which allowed for on time production of financial statements and better adherence to cut-off guidelines. ? Used CYMA14 and several sophisticated Excel models. Operational accomplishments ? Opened first Hooters in Richmond Virginia as lead manager on team which built this unit to have average annual volume exceeding $3 Million per year., cash flowing over 15% per year for two decades. Built all the databases for COMUS form the Hooters to run on and then moving from COMUS to SIVA and SIVA to NetPOS did this two more times...I specified and configured all the reports to be used. Created the bonus program which kept turnover at best units at near zero for 20 years. We had GMs and a D.O. which stayed with us for 20 years, and 18, years respectively, and several GMs that remained with us for at least 5 years or more. In 2012, ran complex food product mix and pricing analysis to plan for menu format change coupled with price increase, which, upon implementation, reduced food cost by 200 basis points while seeing increases in sales. Had complete training responsibility and conducted dozens of week-long classroom training classes for manager trainees over a 20 years. ? Many times did distributor cost comparisons and negotiations, negotiating mark-up on our cost of poultry over the Urner-Barry average, and also negotiated credit card discount rates. Negotiated rates based on number of deliveries on truck, how many drivers on truck, if drivers unloaded or brought product into the building, or if we had key drop deliveries. ? In 2002, was sole preparer of the Consolidation Model which valued each member’s holding of 13 different entities for purpose of consolidating into the parent company, Cornett Hospitality, LLC. This used accurate financial valuation methods. This was reviewed by external experts, and unchanged and used as it was presented. ? Created the Excellent Manager Manifesto, which was a 50 page training guide which our company used for 15 years. Responsible for keeping concepts in the Manifesto current, updated, and relevant. ? Was solely responsible for getting new units built and opened. Over 20 years, opened over 15 units. This included finalizing and making changes to blue prints, submitting plans for review and attending and successfully negotiating through planning commissions, zoning boards, and liquor license boards, to get building open with signage and liquor and make sure all employees were trained with concept standards and regulatory compliance with health and liquor training as required. Kept most projects on or under budget and continued to update project planning models with new information with every project. Responsible for all costs of project, as well as all initial recruiting for new store employees as well as new unit management teams. ? Responsible for writing all radio ad creative for radio ads, and implementing marketing budget to keep advertising within budget to get the most bang for the buck, by working with agencies to determine the best purchases by cost per point of desired target market. ? Was successful in keeping advertising within budget and also using local promotional dollars effectively to drive local events to help support sales events. ? Created the “LineUpMaster” and “DOC” sophisticated Excel spreadsheet which all managers used to put their operations’ financials at their fingertips, and put them in the position of owners to keep the tightest control on food costs and labor costs, as well as controllable expenses. These enabled managers to keep food costs to as close to the target of 30% for years and years. Retrained or Replaced managers who were not able or willing to use these tools to fine tune their operations. ? Specified the aforementioned Excel Spreadsheets to Point of Sale developers to try to get them to modify their point of sale systems to reflect our needs. ? Remodeled several restaurants, and handled re-construction of York, PA restaurant after fire (caused by neon), and retained management team such that sales post re-opening exceed the amount of pre- opening by 100%, and cash flow went from break-even to over $100,000 per year for several years from 2007 through 2012. ? By focusing on Mystery Shop score and Focus group score, caused scores to increase within region. ? Interviewed, Tested, Hired, Oriented, Trained hundreds of managers over 20 year period of time. ? Served as Mentor to best GMs in region, primarily in Monroeville, York, and in Wyomissing. ? Worked with local managers and promotions people to organize and initiate career fairs to keep restaurants staffed with motivated and people. Instituted bounty program to incentivize referral program amongst existing employees. ? Made sure teams of staff were ready to be present at community events, such as car shows, bike rallies, or golf tournaments. ? Held an annual event at every store to search for the “Happiest Hooters” where each unit adopted a theme and decorated their stores appropriately, Video-taped entire inspections and put onto DVD to share best methods with all store and build team morale. ? Ensured all locations were using social networking fully, with Face book accounts, and the local store’s website, and keeping messages inviting or marquis boards as well as online. ? Ensured all management teams complied and participated in national programs. ? I had managers win national contests for selling a product or a beverage on three different occasions within the last 10 years.