Sr. Program Analyst/ Strategic Business - (02524500)

Min Salary: $125000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time, Contract
Listed Date: 7/5/2018
Greetings, Thank you for considering me as a candidate for your opportunity. As you view my Consultant resume you'll see various jobs, titles, industries and periods of time worked. You may consider that as a reason to pass on me as a valid candidate, yet please read further! My resume actually shows is that I have been able to move seamlessly from one consulting opportunity to the next, hit the ground running, learning, contributing, and exceeding client expectations. Reviewing my resume, you may think I have some of the skills you are looking for, but not all. Please consider I have been able to learn all these various industries, technologies and client specific processes as a senior consultant. I will also able to learn the additional tasks for your opportunity. Some industry specifics I have learned are: - Governments (Federal & Local) - Government Contracts, Budging, Staffing, Vendor Management, RFP creation, responses and Video Teleconferencing - Healthcare - Contracts, Program Development, Management - Pharmaceuticals - SEO, Website, QA, Design, Vendor Management - Insurance - QA, scheduling, budgets, Management, Service Delivery - ERP transactions - Data-Analytics, Fulfillment, Security - Automotive - Business Intelligence, Service Delivery, Quality Analytics, RFP creation - PMO, Budgeting, Service Delivery, Billing, Agile Development - Brokerage - Marketing, ERP, Website Design, e-commerce, QA While managing all these processes, I also dug into the various industries trends and the subsets of the projects. I did this while mastering customer specific SaaS and network processes and designs, while building alliances and strong teams. I can definitely add value to your company, reach your goals and bring that needed skill set to the tasks that lie ahead. In regards to this opportunity, I’ve created two web based side businesses, (automotive parts reseller, retired in 2013 see below) and (24/7 music broadcasting service). OPMD.COM – Madison, NJ/Towson, MD Founder and President - (03/96 – 10/2013) OPMD was a premier specialty automotive parts and performance aftermarket business. The initial business grew into a full-scale eCommerce web ordering enabled business, selling specialty aftermarket performance automotive parts and accessories retail and wholesale. Activities such as event promotion, product reviews, B2B, and B2C online sales were also part of the website draw. As founder of the company, I also lead the technology growth of the company into a full scale eCommerce ready business model, using ecBuilder, Maximizer Contact Management System to MS SQL Server, HTML/DHTML, OO design and Cold Fusion as well as doing comprehensive website design and testing. Responsibilities included ePromotions via search engine hit ratios, establishing business partnerships (domestic and international), and have complete responsibility for company operations such as ordering, inventory, international shipping cost analysis and freight forwarding, procurement, vendor management, product development, EFT’s, and company promotion/sales/advertising. The website moved thru various online payment options, using 3rd party credit card processors to eventually incorporating PayPal online payment processing. This business operated independently of my consulting assignments. My current contract is ended 8/29/17 so I’m available immediately. Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you regarding your opportunity!