Poultry Sci. Graduate Reserach Assistant - (02475244)

Min Salary: $40000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 4/21/2017
Degree: Master of Science Poul, Bachelor of Science Poul
Poultry Science Graduate Research Assistant   North Carolina State University   07/2014-12/2016
    • Recruit students to poultry science via the Poultry Science Summer Institute
    • Assist in field research on the Chicken Education Unit
    • Collection and evaluation of data and samples in the laboratory
    • Broiler breeder house set-up for research trials
    • Collection of eggs in broiler breeder houses
    • Necropsies on broilers/ breeders for research trials
    • Maintenance of established lighting and feeding schedules of broiler breeders
    • Assisted with flock load out and live haul at the end of research trials