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Min Salary: $38000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 7/12/2017
Degree: Bachelor of Science Dary
10 years of professional experience in dairy farm management including experience growing up in the dairy industry and several jobs on farms differing in size and structure.
Effective at working long hours, under pressure in a fast paced environment, going above and beyond established goals for projects while adhering to strict deadlines.

Assistant Herdsman/Calf Manager
? Manage weekly calf feeding schedule, vaccination practices, health checks, and dehorning of 300 calves.
? Assist with herd health treatments as needed by head herdsman.
? Practice sanitary milking procedures milking treated and fresh cows during treatment and withdrawal.
? Prepared and fed total mixed rations for milking cows and bred heifers twice daily. ? Assisted veterinarian and other herdsmen with embryo transfer procedures and herd health checks. ? Gained experience with cheese making business by expanding knowledge of marketing and customer relations.
? Experience with Dairy Comp 305 and PC DART
? Trained in artificial insemination
 ? Vaccination and medication administration
 ? Reproductive management
 ? Animal health record keeping